We take care of the numbers, while you take care of business.

Our service ensures you keep the right record for every single one of your transactions, providing an accurate information to make decisions about your company, without having a difficult time with your numbers while you are dedicated to doing business, we take care of your financial information.

Depending on what service you want to get, we offer all types of process, from your most simple commercial transaction to solving requirements and filing your taxes. With us you can rely on the right accounting system designed for your business.

Let us talk with you and see what you need for fulfilling your accounting needs. If you need more information about our bookkeeping services in the Lower Fairfield County area, do not hesitate to call us or contact us through our e-mail or contact form.



Small business with 1 bank account 
and 1 credit card. 

Monthly bookkeeping Quarterly meetings 
Dedicated accounting expert 
Forward Thinking bookkeeping expert advice 
Ongoing bookkeeping support 


Small business with 1 bank account 
and 1 credit card. Tax filings. 

All Services in Bookkeeping  
Tax deduction completeness check 
Quarterly tax preparation 
Forward Thinking tax expert advice 
End of year Tax preparation 

Small business with 1 bank account 
and 1 credit card 

All Services in Bookkeeping + Tax + Payroll + SUT 
Payroll on autopilot 
Contractors (1099s) 
Automated payroll taxes